Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 136 - Updates

Been a while since I've blogged on SP so I thought I'd post a blog today. 

I've had a few non-scale victories lately, but my most exciting one happened yesterday. I was told at work that I had to go get measured for new uniforms, because mine are incredibly loose and frumpy looking, lol. So I went to the uniform shop and had me try on new uniform stuffs. 

NSV 1: My shirt size went from 6X to a 2X in my uniform shirt!!!! 

NSV 2: My pants are now a 50 compared to the 60 they were!!!! 

But my other nsv's that I'm also excited about, I can see my collarbones now. And I can see those little bones on the outer part of my wrist that I've never been able to see! :-) Goofy, I know, but I am so proud of those little accomplishments when it comes to my weight loss. 

Last time I blogged I weighed 285.2lbs. As of last Saturday (5/12/2012) I weighed in at 280.4lbs. :-) 4.8lbs less and a total loss of 64.6lbs so far!!!!!!!!!! 


Haven't met with my trainer lately. Probably because I've let a few things become excuses rather than actually meeting with the guy. My car situation for one and having to work late a few days the other. But I'll go to the gym Wednesday and work my butt off (hopefully literally, lol) and be the better off for it. 

Watching The Biggest Loser last season taught me that if I want a healthier me, then there can be no excuses, and that's what that is. Excuses.... I'm fairly determined when I put my mind to something though. So I'm still going to keep eating right and exercising and stay with my mottos to stay on the path for a healthier me. :-) 

Yesterday before the uniform store, my boss found an old ID picture of me I thought I would share with SP. It was taken in 2007 and of course I had to make a versus picture to show it compared to me now. :-) 

And another from when I started on Jan. 1st to May 9th 2012: 

Have a great day sparkers and thanks for sharing this journey with me!