Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 113 - Still Going Strong

It's been a while since I've posted a blog. But I am still going strong and on day 113!!! :-D My current weight is 287.2lbs. Which makes for a total loss of 57.8lbs! :-) 

I have made another step to getting healthier. In addition to my awesome free membership to Ballys (love my job!), I am now paying for trainer sessions. I figured how am I supposed to know what to do at the gym, and am I actually going to push myself to do it? No, most likely not. So the trainer will be doing the pushing! Lol. He's actually a pretty nice guy, I didn't think so after Friday, he had me doing exercises to strengthen my core so that I am not so off balance when I work out. I'm not as off balance as I was but I surely am not as balanced as I would like to be, lol. I have another session with him today and am nervous because I don't think I have ever worked out as hard as I do when I'm working with him. He is also being protective of my back and having me do a few exercises for it since I hurt it. 

This past week was fairly crazy. I was switched from my normal 6a - 2p shift to work from 2p - 10p. Which threw me so off! I was a grumpy person those first few days. But it also made it more difficult for me to get to the gym. I do not like waking up earlier than possible to go, so I didn't. But I did get up early Friday to meet with the trainer. So back to my normal shift this week and my plans are to go to the gym every day. Today I meet with trainer guy again and then tomorrow I will go in and do some cardio. 

My legs are still sore from Friday, but I know that this is a good sore and I will probably be even more sore tomorrow. 

My eating is still good, I cheated at my friend's daughter's birthday party, BUT I had about 1/3 the size of the normal cake I used to eat, and ate good for the rest of the day. However, it was the only thing I cheated on last week at all. So I still feel good about how I ate. The only problem I'm having is tracking my food. I know that I am eating right from past experiences and I can literally guess how many calories are in what food and such, but I don't want to accidently over do some type of food or another by not tracking it. Water consumption is still good, even better on the days I go to the gym, and it's still all I'm drinking, lol. 

But to end this blog with an awesome quote I love! 

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