Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 97 - Backtracking

Holy cow! I cannot believe it has been 97 days since I have been doing this! :-) This last weekend, I really went off the eating path I was doing so well on. I started Saturday with a party (EXCUSE) I went too eating waaaaay too many appetizers and then the rest of the weekend was blown as well. I didn't track any of my food, then I had tons of errands to run Monday and Tuesday and didn't eat right.(EXCUSE) But Wednesday morning I decided I was not going to screw up all of my progress that I have made in these past three months! And to re-realize that I cannot make any excuses for eating junk! 

Saturday weigh in was 293.2lbs! Which gave me a total loss of 51.8lbs. :-) :-) I am super excited about hitting the big 5-0 mark, but I am scared about this Saturday coming up and am worried that I have gained weight. Right now I would be pleased to just have maintained my weight after eating like I did this past week. I tracked my calories since Tuesday and have been doing better when it comes to eating healthier. I walked all over both Walmart and HEB yesterday. My back had a relapse on Monday causing me some more pain, but it has gotten better since. Yesterday was killer for it though walking around both stores. But because of all the walking I did yesterday my back is feeling even better and has yet to cause any pain today. 

So with the NO EXCUSES and ONE DAY AT A TIME theme that I have been using I am back to them. I know that I can do this. I can't afford not to do this. It's not worth being unhealthy just to eat something that tastes good. Today I add one more theme to my list of theme. (LOL, who knew you could have a list of themes) I AM COMMITTED! 

Thank you to SP for providing this awesome quote: 

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