Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - Newer Me VS My Old Jeans

I cannot believe I am at 71 days! :-) It has gone by so fast. I've had a minor set back, but I am not letting that break my stride. Well, it sorta does, but not mentally, lol. I was putting my nephew in his car seat on Friday and ended up having a muscle spasm in my back pinching a nerve at the same time. I could barely walk that day and now I am getting around, but I can't stand for too long or it hurts really bad. I can feel the other muscles in my back straining to make up for those that can't handle it right now. I know it's getting better slowly but surely right now. 

In good news last saturday I weighed in at 307lbs. Yesterday, I weighed at 304.4lbs!!! I am so close to the 2's and am getting anxious to get there, but I know that it will happen soon enough. I took a photo of myself with my old jeans in front of me and you can definitely tell the difference. 

Me and my old pants: 

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